RECONQUISTA. Reconquest, recovery of the disappearing, of the lost. A word, the meaning of which is the only answer to the current decadent reality. We are falling into physical, material and particularly mental poverty. Our mind is clouded by modernity, crushed by heavy boots of political correctness, systematically exploited and robotised by capital. However, our spirit needs new wings, it needs new and fresh ideas to fly. Therefore, the only possible alternative we see is to free the chained Prometheus by our words and concrete deeds, to wake up the sleeping Titans and secure freedom for the soul of a NEW MAN. This new man will not see the world only black and white, but he will recognise and understand that the coin has a third side as well. Like a burning torch we will fuel again the desire in human hearts to reconquest our fatherland, our Europe we legitimately claim.

RECONQUISTA is a project connecting experience, enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and determination. What join us in this project is particularly the idea to create a new viable perspective that is still missing in Slovakia today. We search for solutions there, where the others overlook or deliberately conceal them. We say no to indifference and opportunism. We do not build castles in the air, but we do not let defeatism weaken our spirits either. We want to make our readers familiar not only with the ideology of the so-called Third Path (“Der Dritte Weg”) and its real results, but also with other relevant aspects, historical experience and philosophies that help us to make progress on our way. We loathe empty political talks and in terms of geopolitics, we are neither enslaved by straitjackets from the West nor the whip from the East. We are Slovak, we are European. Our efforts are the only possible logical reaction to the current half-hearted patriotic movement. This movement is – due to poor education – only shallow, influenced by Neo-Bolshevism and characterised by a lack of strong ideas and solid foundations.

We want to hold objective and constructive discussions, and build sustainable metapolitical pillars relying on cornerstones proved by many centuries. We offer our help to everybody who is not ignorant of the destiny awaiting the identity of nations in our European family.